II. mistrovství Evropy v poľárním sportu hasičů a záchranářů
II. mistrovství Evropy v poľárním sportu hasičů a záchranářů

On-line records

25. 7. 2009

All supporters of fire-fighting sport can view all the on-line records of competition , which were taking place in the area of Ostrava Vitkovice stadium, during the next week.

The competitions are over… but the nice memories will stay!

25. 7. 2009

You could nearly touch the emotion that was in the air of the Czech city of Ostrava on Saturday 25 July in the evening, so intense was it among the competitors and the spectators, as the Olympic flame expired and the CTIF flag went slowly down the pole, marking the official ending of the 14th International CTIF Fire Brigades Competitions and the 17th CTIF International Youth Fire Brigades Competitions. All teams gathered on the field for the last time… but not the least because the celebrations were not over! Traditional dances, music, fire works awaited the participants at the ceremony, which was attended by the Czech Minister of Interior Martin Pecina, the President of the Czech CTIF National Committee and General Director of the Czech Fire and Rescue Service Miroslav Štěpán, and the President of the International Association of Fire and Rescue Service CTIF Walter Egger. The President of the Japan Fire Fighters Association, Mr. Toranosuke Katayama, also attended the event, as Japan was CTIF’s guest country all along the competitions with two Japanese junior fire fighting clubs participating for the first time ever and scoring excellent results.

“I would like to congratulate all of you for the efforts and results achieved here in Ostrava, and for the friendly spirit in which the games went along“, CTIF President Walter Egger said. Then all winning teams were invited to join CTIF and Czech officials on the stadium for a festive prize-awarding ceremony. Walter Egger also thanked Josef Huber, CTIF International Competitions Leader, and Ignaz Mascha, CTIF International Youth Competitions Leader, for their involvement and their rigour in elaborating and applying the competition rules.

The CTIF Vetter Cup goes to a Czech youth team!

2009 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Vetter Cup, which was donated to CTIF by the Vetter GmbH (Germany) in 1989 and was first handed out the same year at the International Fire Brigades Competitions in Warsaw, Poland. The Vetter Cup always goes to the best youth team in the competition. So the Czech Republic can be doubly proud tonight: first for organising highly successful competitions, and secondly for winning the Vetter Cup, which was awarded to the Czech youth team of SDH Chlumec nad Cidlinou. “Youth fire brigades are really important because they are our future” Anton Brandauer, CTIF Vice-President in charge of the competitions and the youth, said. “It was very nice walking down the streets of Ostrava the last days and meeting all these youth groups chatting and exchanging in so many different languages. Our young people understand each other beyond all borders.” And the same goes to any member of the whole fire fighting family!

So there is no reason to be sad while leaving Ostrava tomorrow… because everyone is already looking forward to the next CTIF Youth Fire Brigades Competitions in Slovenia in 2011, and then to the International Fire Brigades Competitions in Italy in 2013! Training, exchanging with new friends, preparing the trip to the next host country… New exciting moments are coming ahead, with our minds still full of nice memories of Ostrava! CTIF wishes all participants, referees and fans a safe and nice journey back home! “Such sports contests are also aimed at making us, fire fighters, stay fit for the difficult operations that await us, so let us all see each other again in Italy,” CTIF President Walter Egger concluded.

All official results are on www.ctif.org!

Seventh day…

25. 7. 2009

At the Ostrava Vitkovice stadium the last disciplines of the Fire-fighting Games are taking place today afternoon. After the midday men and women compete in fire-fighting attack and in the evening the Closing Ceremony and announcement of winners are prepared. Concerts and technical equipment-past may not be missing.

Youth firefighters said goodbye

Hauling down a flag which symbolically finished XVII. International Young Firefighters Meeting preceded the goodbye party. Almost 600 of young firefighters from 23 countries had really full program from the begining of this event. The Youth Camp was opened in area of Stredoskolska street, where youth lived, before the opening of the Games. Several days later the were the Youth Camp Olympics with very unusual disciplines taking place in the same area. Official competititons took place at the Ostrava Vitkovice stadium. During those official competititons young firefighters introduced themselves on Poruba Main Street in their Introduction of Nations.

The Closing Ceremony variegated by technical equipment-past

Before the last final results will be counted and evaluated, auditorium can watch Brouci band concert from 17:30. At 18:15 teams of volunteer and career firefigters´ teams enter the stadium, which is going to be followed by announcement of winners in fire-fighting sport. After the announcement comes prepared program of majorettes, dance ensembles and children firefighters. Before the announcement of the total final results there is a short speech given by minister of the interior of the Czech Republic Martin Pecina, general director HZS CR Miroslav Stepan and CTlF president Walter Egger. After the Closing Ceremony there are technical equipment-past and Support Lesbiens band concert and lastly the fireworks prepared by organizers.

Last day program

7:45 – 10:55 – Traditional International Fire Brigade Competitions- Volunteer Fire Brigade – B, Professional Fire Brigades – women teams, Vitkovice stadium A

12:20 – 14:40 – International Fire Brigade Sporting Competitions  women and men , fire fighting attack, Vitkovice stadium A

17:30 – National, cultural pragramme for the closing ceremony, open-air concert. Vitkovice stadium A

18:30 – Announcement of winners, International Fire Brigade Sporting Competitions, fire bregade relay race 4×100m fere fighring attack, team scoring, general scoring

19:00 – Announcement of winners, International Fire Brigade Sporting Competitions – women, fire bregade relay race 4×100m fere fighring attack, team scoring, general scoring 

Following – technical equipment-past, Support Lesbiens concert (21:00), fireworks, Vitkovice stadium